Considering our final product is dyed fabric, the chemistry we use for dying is the same as a common mill would use to dye fabric. However we use much lower quantities of dye and when the print is complete we wash the garment to remove any residual chemistry.

Conventional dying of fabric uses approximately 6 to 12 gallons of water per yard of dyed fabric. When printing with PolyHD technology we would use roughly one half of a gallon of water to dye one yard of fabric. An average dye lot is 1,200 yards, using our technology you would use approximately 600 galloons of water, plus an additional 1,000 gallons for washing. Conventional dying would consume an incredible 9,000 gallons of water.


In addition the utilities needed to generate steam and pressure to dye fabric is incredible. Mills need to get the temperature up to 262 °F and keep it there for approximately 6 hours. The cost and the use of natural gas to bring 9,000 gallons of water up to that temperature and keep it there for 6 hours would be quite substantial. With PolyHD technology we can dye 20 yards a minutes and we use cold water to rinse the fabric. Total dying time is approximately 2 hours using PolyHD technology vs. 6 hours at a traditional mill.